Saturday, 14 May 2011

Sabrina Dress in Action and Hungarian Fabric Shops

I woke up this morning with an urge to finish my RTW tailoring sew along jacket but have now given up. For some reason everything I do is not that good and I have lost count on the number of mistakes I've done. I'm also very clumsy, dropping everything to the floor, constantly stabbing myself with pins, etc.
Instead I though I would share with you a couple of photos of My Sabrina Dress in action and report on the Hungarian fabric shops I found.
I made the bolero using Butterick 3345 View A, without the ruffle. The taffeta was a dream to work with and my first time as well. I lined it with a baby blue habotai. It was straightforward to sew, with only sleeves being tricky (which they always are for me).
You might notice, the lovely green clutch bag I got on ebay (after madly falling in love) is not in the photos. Unfortunately the seller emailed me a week after I bought it to say she was going on holiday and not back until after the holiday period. I was not happy with the poor service and communication and got a refund. That meant I had to do something last minute. I am not proud of what I did, but for what it was it worked.

Obviously, part of my agenda in visiting Hungary was exploring fabric and haberdashery shops and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. I bought a considerable amount of fabric ::blushes:: and will share it with you in a different post.
In Budapest I visited a street stretch full of shops, recommended by the lovely VickiC. The shops I visited (about 7) were full of fabric, in some cases so much that browsing was difficult. The prices were slightly lower than UK or about the same. The problem I had was not being able to read what the fabric label said and majority of shops assistants not knowing the English fabric terms. I kicked myself for not having done proper research, including find out names of fabric types in Hungarian.
In Győr, where the wedding was, there were more fabric shops with cheaper prices than Budapest. I visited about 4 and again, they didn't disappoint.
One of my favourites had a dubious entrance, as it looked like we were entering someone's house. It is also the only one I managed to take photos. I know, massive failure for my part, but when you surrounded by so much fabric loveliness, who can think of photos!


  1. Ooh, looks fun! There are only 2 fabric shops near me and one is a tiny market stall so I'd be in heaven! Certainly in no state to take photos! lol
    Ashley x

  2. Oh, wow! Your outfit is stunning! I love how the green picks up the leaves in the dress. Fabulous shoes, too! I must get a pair of wedges. :)

    The fabric shops look heavenly!

  3. I love it, the outfit is so pretty. I also love the shoes!

  4. Great color combo--the taffeta really makes the sabrina dress pop.

  5. Your dress and bolero are seriously gorgeous, and I love the belt you paired with it. Really looking forward to seeing what goodies you brought back from Hungary. Well done for remembering to take ANY photos of the fabric shops - I totally forgot when I was in Croatia and kicked myself afterwards!

  6. Ten points on the dress - perfect marriage of fabric and style. Your clutch looks worth the wait. Gorgeous!

  7. Lovely dress! It's so fun to see them in the wild!

  8. This is SO beautiful - thanks for showing us the full effect. Its really, really pretty and the fit is just perfect - well done!



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