Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Declaring my First UFO

Immensely frustrated with the McCalls 6170. Today I decided I had enough of it and needed a long, very long break!
The lower band sleeve was a nightmare to construct. I didn't fully understand the instructions and the sleeve is too narrow to go on the machine's free arm. I done each and re-done many times and settled at a mediocre result in the end.
Even though I pinned the collar matching notches and centre back seam it is uneven and wonky.
To add to that I have no idea how I did this topstitching!
And when I think I can disguise some issues with a good press, the iron does this to my collar!
I don't think the jacket is terribly difficult to construct but for some reason since Saturday I have been extremely clumsy even with basic, normal things. And now I think the jacket is jinxed somehow so want nothing to do with it, for a while. And actually, a alteration muslin I did on Vogue 8604 trousers (started on Saturday) was also a disaster so it will wait to.

I will relax for the rest of the week and start afresh, with new fabrics and patterns, next weekend! Hopefully this won't last :(


  1. Sometimes you get in a funk. I've been there! Its moments like these when I turn to crafty sewing like making a floral corsage or something. Don't worry! It won't last.


  2. Suzy, saw your Tweet. Awful when this happens..You're doing the right thing and having a rest from it! I knit more than sew but had the same issue with a tunic I was knitting as a commission. Kept getting the lace pattern wrong and having to unpick it. Left it alone for 2 weeks in the end, but all finshed now. Take care.

  3. When it happens to me, I take a break, I refashion a t-shirt or make a bag. It always makes me feel better

  4. Yep, take a break. Make something quick, like a knit top, and then come back to it.

  5. mama said there would be days like this. She was right. I have them all the time too. Let it go and move on sister you will feel better. Sorry it's been so hard.

  6. I agree with everyone else! Take a break and have a glass of wine :) then pick up something that you've been really excited to get into...even if you only make it through cutting out or sewing the first seams...it might provide the needed break from the frustration of the other project!!!

  7. Oh, days like that are no fun! Hopefully you'll be able to rescue it one day, but if not just work on something that makes you happy. :]

  8. Take a break, but I'd try to resurrect it some time soon.



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