Saturday, 7 January 2012

Fabric Stash

Fabric Stash... and a wonderful combination of words, don't you think? Many have written about their self professed fabric addiction and stash volume so I won't elaborate on those issues. It's really straight forward. I love sewing, hence I love fabric! I just can't see how the two cannot be connected.
My own fabric stash is not humongous, at least compared to others I've seen on the blogosphere but I sort of aim to only have a fabric amount that fits in my sewing cabinet.
It's not full to the brim but late last year (after our car broke down for the 100th time and we decided to buy a new one) I sort of decided to use from my stash. This is not uncommon and many of you may share this view. I am not making a pledge or a resolution because I know the moment it's "official" I'm out there buying fabric. And to be honest, I like feeling free to buy if I want. So far it's working as all the projects I've done in last month or so and the ones I have planned have used or will use stash fabrics. But if I need to buy I'll buy!

I also have lots of scraps and 0.5 mtr pieces that I don't want to throw away but cannot really do much with them. Craftsy announced a free quilting course running throughout the year and I decided to get in there and use only from my scraps stash (with the exception of background fabric which I had to buy). I think it will be a very random quilt, but I would have used most bits I have lying around. And you know what the good thing is about that? Is that once those scraps free some space and my cupboard looks emptier I can splurge on more fabric!


  1. This year I am planning to stash bust, but instead of forbidding new fabric buys (which I know I wouldn't stick to) I am aiming to only buy new fabric with a specific project in mind. This should hopefully prevent my stash expanding too much! I also have lots of smaller peices of fabric, I am hoping to use these to make smaller items, however I love your quilting thoughts...that's something I have yet to try, I look forward to seeing how you get on :)

  2. I have a very similar philosophy to you. I have a similar-sized cupboard of fabric, and I use those cardboardy bags like the ones you get from Selfridges etc to sort of categorise them - one for linens, one for cottons, etc. I am conscious that it's doing nobody any good while it sits in the cupboard so I try to use it as a first port of call. But equally I won't ban myself from buying, as my stash isn't that comprehensive. Plus there are so few fabric shops round here (unless you want expensive) so if I see a bargain I will buy it. Or a charity shop refashion that begs to come home with me.

    I also have a big plastic tub of scraps large and small. They come in useful for all sorts of things but I have to admit I do sometimes think I should just bin them all! They are all so different that I can't imagine quilting with them, but maybe it's just my imagination that's lacking!

  3. I thought that my philosophy was not to have a stash (unless you count leftover scraps) and then my aunt who no longer sews gave me hers...

    My aunt's stash, though, was all cashmere suiting, wool flannel, raw silk and the like, so I've amended my stash philosophy to this: I'll only stash amazing bargains on great quality special occasion fabrics, as a money-saving measure. Yeah... that can't go at all wrong/over-board, right...? ;)

  4. I have to admit, I'm kind of disgusted with myself and the size of my stash right now. And also secretly happy about it. I mean, it's not so big that I'll never get through it, but it will take a while. I've got to sew through some of it this year. I can't promise that I won't buy any fabric at all, but it will have to be something really special of specific. Happy new year!

  5. That stash of yours is delightfully manageable! I wish I could say the same for mine. I too have so many ends that are too large to scrap and too small to be useful. And I have no interest in quilting, truth be told. If you saw my fabric cupboard, you'd be horrified. I sure am. (And I just bought 6 new yards of fabric?!?!)

  6. Oooh, what a great way to use up scraps...I might have to look into the Craftsy course as I have tons of scraps!

  7. Kat: exactly my thoughts. The last thing I want is to avoid a project because you don't have the fabric on stash.
    Chris: You're very organised. Mine is slightly categorised but it's a bit of a mess.
    Emma: You can never, ever say no to a bargain or such wonderful offer. Some of my current stash is stuff that was given to me. You can't say no to that :)
    Liza: Beautiful stashes makes use happy :)
    K.Line: I never thought I would do a quilt but up for trying. I'm mostly keen to get rid of my remnants.
    Marie: The course looks very good, definitely have a look at it. For free, there's not much to loose.

  8. I like your sewing cupboard.

    Your stash does look manageable and I genuinely admire the steely determination of anyone who can slowly work their way through their stash without adding to it. I think I have an addiction to buying and planning more than I do the actual sewing.

    Right now I have around forty different fabrics totalling about 80 metres and it's all squashed into my cupboard and falls out all the time.. And I have no plan for what to do with most of it. I skip from one thing to the next...a bit of a crafting butterfly. Good grief, I making myself nervous and guilty.

    Good luck with the quilting. And the stash busting of course!

  9. Love your sewing cabinet Suzy v. pretty! How's the rest of your sewing room shaping up now since you moved house :)?

    I need to make headway into using up my fabric stash too. I'm going to only buy interfacing/calico as and when needed. And I'm making a personal policy to only buy new fabric once I've used 3 other pieces, and only then can I buy it if it's really, really necessary and there's nothing else in my stash I can use instead!

  10. I enjoy seeing other people's fabrics collections. Thanks for sharing yours, Suzy! I sometimes feel guilty for having too much in my stash, but it's great to decide on a project and to realize that there's a perfect fabric already on hand. I've run out of storage room, especially for woolens and silks, which I keep in a cedar chest. So I've put a temporary moratorium on buying, aside from linings, buttons, trims, etc. needed for projects using the fabrics from the stash.

  11. What a beautiful cupboard! I might have to make room for one of those. I have way too much fabric, have resolved to buy no more until I have used some of it up! I have a few ideas for using scraps, none that I have put into practice yet though x

  12. Alice: Sometimes I think the same. I love buying , planning and plotting more then doing. I have that with books. I buy so many and never read them.
    Claire: Sewing room is practically done. I still have to attach some stuff to the walls and put some curtains up before I call it ready and share some photos. The big delay is on the curtains, the window is an odd shape and I can't just put normal curtains. I'm sad to miss your de-stash meet up.
    Bard-Central Texas: Absolutely, and for those whose inspiration begins with fabric, not a pattern you need to have a stash.
    Lady Cherry: Thank you! I love this cupboard. A bit pricey but once I saw it in JL I knew I had to have it. Lucky I needed one for my fabric.

  13. What a cute stash storage cabinet! your stash looks well stocked with a good variety of nice fabrics...especially love that leopard print!

    The Craftsy quilting class is a great idea. Might have to look into that. :)



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