Thursday, 19 January 2012

Knitwear of 1957

The more astute in you might have noticed there was no Thursday's Knitting last week. I do apologise but I found out rather late that I hadn't scanned anything else from my Vogue Knitting Book pile. Alas, I have now scanned a bunch.
For those of you that might get a bit fed up with scans I can proudly say that I finished my first knitted garment. I have to now follow the blocking and sewing process (which is making me rather nervous) but should be able to share within the next couple of weeks.
There are two things that jump out when looking at late 50s/ early 60s Vogue Knitting magazines. Lots and lots of dogs (which I do not oppose as they are cute) and lots and lots of smoking (not so keen on that but it was seen as very good and fashionable back then).
Love this cardigan, the print is a bit crazy. Would love to knit it but not sure I would love to wear it. If you are a knitter tell me: do you only knit functional pieces that you know you'll wear or are you attracted by crazy patterns and itchy yarns that looks nice but you now you won't wear?


  1. But look at that suit! Cuffs and all. It's the kind of thing though that I'd prefer sewn, as you say, wouldn't it be itchy ? Would it be lined or maybe the full slip would be essential.

  2. I just admire anyone that can do more than k1p1- that's my limit - and s-l-o-w-l-y

  3. I never can guess what's actually going to get worn. Some of the stuff that I thought was only going to get worn once in a blue moon gets worn all of the time and other things that I thought were wardrobe staples rarely get touched. If you think it will be fun to knit and that you'll wear it at least once or twice a year, go for it!

    As for itchy yarns, I swear I've built up a tolerance to them. I love the scratchy stuff now and it doesn't seem to bother me much.

  4. Scruffybadger: And imagine the time it would take to knit...
    Ruth: I'm still on knits and purls too. Haven't ventured on anything much different.
    Andi: Interesting point, maybe there is hope for a crazy print if I like it. And you're absolutely right. If you enjoy knitting it, just go for it. Thinking of it I do the same thing with my dressmaking.



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