Thursday, 26 January 2012

Knitting fashions continue

Knitwear fashions continues this week with Vogue Knitting Book 49 (number 50 is missing). Presumably from late 1956, we are getting closer and closer to when fashions change. Don't forget I'm going backwards with these scans so we'll soon be in the darling 1940s.
I absolutely LOVE the dress below! Yes, another knitted dress but look at those stitches! They are big and chunky, yet she still looks beautifully and very fitting for the 50s. Now one day I might have to try this dress.
But what about my cardigan, you might be thinking!! I did say I had finished it so where's the proof? Well it is finished. I stitched the last seam yesterday. I should be able to take some good photos at the weekend so for sure you'll see it here next Thursday!


  1. Olá!
    Obrigada pelo comentário! ;)
    Que sorte! Eu nunca achei nada assim, mas também, não costumo visitar sitios onde possa haver esses tesouros... Mas olha que vou passar a pensar nisso!!

  2. Look forward to seeing your cardigan Suzy. Well done!
    But what has happened to her waist in that dress above?! Someone's stolen it!!

  3. Wow! What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing, I'm anxious to see your cardigan ....



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