Thursday, 5 January 2012

A Knitted Summer

I never use to associate knitwear with Summer, but that is probably my Southern Portugal person talking. With temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius you really don't want it on you. Here in UK, however, I can totally see myself using knits in Summer. And according to Vogue Knitting Book n.52 from 1958 (presumed) why not have a knitted Summer!
Despite this being a late 50s issue the designs are gorgeous and it was difficult to select my favourites!
Just take this gorgeous lace dress. It looks so beautiful with the jewellery and accessories. The magazine calls it The late-day dress and I think it would look smashing for afternoon tea.
I'm not a fan of pink but the cardigan below is so pretty. It would look wicked in navy blue or even black with purple roses.
My favourite of this issue has to be the cardigan below. How stunning would that look with a full circle skirted dress. And it doesn't look too complicated to knit (even though I have super limited experience knitting). They call it The cardigan- blouse (understandably so) and suggest a blend of wool and rayon in a pastel colour. Apparently "pastels are knitting headlines on the Continent."


  1. Love that dress, and the rose-patterned cardi!

  2. Oh! Oh! Oh! I want one of each! Damn it, but I can't knit!!

  3. Oh my! The last one in teal with black glass buttons! I just need to find someone who can knit now ( or has the patience that will see it through...)

  4. Lord, is it Thursday already?? Great choices - I do love the bottom one and I agree, it wouldn't be outrageously difficult. BTW, have you read the Ruby Slip post today about finishing? I think you may not need to turn the tubes inside out (which is what I get the sense you may have tried). Admittedly, I only browsed the post - and I can't seem to remember your tweet well, but FYI.

  5. What glorious pictures! I do love the pretty cardigans, but the dresses have always made me wonder - how long would it take even a speedy knitter? (I am slow!). Then there's the cost! I saw a long coat in a Rowan magazine a few years back that I loved, but worked out it would cost £200+ to make. EEK! Anyway, I'm always keen to know what is making headlines on the Continent, so thanks for this engaging post! xxx

  6. Ooooooo that is a gorgeous dress! You are right, if not for the day, knits are perfect for summer evenings out when it fests a bit cooler.

  7. They are all wonderful but the dress in the second photo is pretty incredible. And just look at her figure! In fact, look at the waists on all of them! How figures have changed...

  8. Thank you all for your comments!
    Mrs.Exeter: I had never thought of the cost of hand knitting a dress like this but wow, it would be quite expensive. I think it might equate to making a nice wool tailored agreement in sewing.
    K.Line: I've seen the Ruby post but no, you still have to turn the loop inside out. I thought of a way of doing it and will try today but already ordered some bra straps so if it doesn't work I'll just use them.

  9. Gems! these knits are all gems, I tell you! so fun to look at and dream about knitting (once I've learned to knit)! lovely find. thanks for sharing :)



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