Thursday, 1 December 2011

Knitting Blog Love

Untangling Knots is probably my favourite knitting blog. The gorgeous girl behind the blog is Andi who is amazingly talented and has awesome style. One of the amazing features in the blog is the mini series. It guides you through different techniques to cast on or how to do buttonholes with fantastic photos. Andi also has patterns available for sale and some are free, like the one below. A simple but gorgeous knitted belt which will look smashing with a 50s full circe dress.
And what about this gorgeous cardigan. Available on Ravelry here.
The blog is full of information very well written and with gorgeous photos so I highly recommend it if you're into knitting or crocheting. And if you're not you might want to check it anyway, as Andi also does some sewing, refashioning and other craftiness.

On a total different note, I'll also leave you with some more scans. Not very exciting this time I'm afraid. Vogue Knitting Book no. 55 from 1959.


  1. Just wanted to say thanks for bringing Andi's blog to my attention, it's really fab and I can't believe I didn't discover it earlier. It's packed with knitting inspiration!!!

  2. Lovely post, such great pics. I love that cardi. Am rubbish at knitting :/ never get the time, and when i do, there are loads of holes in it!! x

  3. I'm also going to check out andi's blog too. That belt is a stunner thank you. Some great vintage scans!!

  4. Andi's blog is fantastic, so thank you for the tip. Now I *need* to knit the Stray hat - it's totally amazing!



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