Monday, 5 December 2011

Time for a Giveaway!

Firstly let me say thank you to each of you who made suggestions about fitting my winter wool dress. I have done some work on the muslin and transferred to pattern and will cut new pieces as soon as I stock up on calico. It was hard work, I'm telling you! Very tempted to convert the bodice into a regular bodice piece with set in sleeves. We'll see how muslin two goes first.

It's time for a giveaway as I reached 200 followers! As good a reason as anything else, don't you think? I don't necessarily write a blog to accumulate masses of followers but truly feel humble and happy that so many people have (or had at some point) interest in what I write.
I have three prizes for you divided by craft. First, one for the general crafters amongst you. A copy of Making magazine (special vintage issue from January 2011), a copy of Mollie Makes issue 5 and a copy of Cloth magazine issue 5 Autumn 2010. Also included 4 little plastic Christmas holly.
Next lot for the knitter or the wannabe knitter amongst you. A copy of Inside Crochet February 2011 (I think), a copy of Knitting Magazine March 2011, a set of straight knitting needles 5mm and a set of circular knitting needles 10mm. Also on the lot two assorted balls of yarn. 
Finally for the sewists amongst you I have Vogue 8615 Sizes 8 to 14 and 2,30mtrs of a content unknown mustard yellow fabric. I feel in love with the colour of this fabric and it was quite cheap so I went mad and bought about 5mtrs. I used some on my Sencha but have lots left. If you are on the small size it might be enough for the pattern but you don't have to use it for that.
To enter giveaway leave a comment on this post stating which lot you would like to win plus a line or two on your favourite commercial pattern or project and why.
This giveaway is open worldwide and entries will be accepted till next Sunday 11th December 2011 at 8pm GMT time. Winners announced the next day.

Good luck!


  1. Wow, congrats! I can't wait to see your second muslin :)
    I'd love a chance to win any of the lots, they all look fantastic! Thanks for such a generous giveaway :)
    I think my favourite pattern so far is a tie between the Colette Beignet and the Sewaholic Crescent skirt :) Both were a dream to work with!
    Ashley x

  2. Suzy. This is an amazing giveaway. All the prizes appeal to me ..I would be happy with any of them really..
    My favourite pattern was the tulip skirt from Cynthia rowley because was my first and I made loads of different skirts from it. I also love my self draft skirt ...


  3. I'd be pleased with any of these great prizes but especially the pattern and fabric. At the moment I'm tempted by either Sewaholic's Minoru jacket or Burda's 7312 dress for Xmas parties. Of course, if I win the Vogue pattern, I'd make that instead!

  4. My favourite pattern to date is Simplicity 3503, a Best Pattern of 2009 on Pattern Review. I have made at least 5 and they all look completely different and I get heaps of compliments every time I wear one. I am a sewer but I would love a chance to win the magazines, I love a cup of tea and a bit of craft porn ;-)

  5. I'd have to say my favorite pattern is a simple Burda long sleeve tee pattern from the 2-2011 issues. I use it like a knit block and have made so many tops and dresses from it.

    Surprisingly I'll pass on the sewing giveaway because mustard is a terrible color on me and go for the craft mags. I love some craftiness every once in a while!

  6. My all time favorite pattern is Macaron from Colette patterns. I made it twice and love both dresses and I'm restraining myself from making a whole wardrobe of Macarons!
    Lot one and three are both sooo tempting! I'd be super happy to win either one of them!
    Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  7. Congratulations and totally deserved!! I love reading your blog, your creativity and patience are an inspiration to me and, no doubt, the other 199 people who follow you!

    I have too many things on my sewing list to count, but what the hey, I'd like to enter for the Vogue pattern and fabric please. My favourite pattern would have to be the Colette Ginger, which went together like a dream.

  8. Congratulations on 200 followers! Well worth celebrating! My favourite commercial pattern at the moment is Vogue 1152, by Rebecca Taylor. The pattern is just so well constructed and perfect. Also happens to be flattering on me. Other than that, I'm making Simplicity 2451 right now and it would be a definite runner-up. I don't knit and I mustard yellow is my favourite colour of all times! :o)

  9. 200 followers! Congratulations!
    Could I throw my name in the hat for the first offering please?

  10. Congratulations on 200 followers, that's amazing! I can't narrow my favourite commercial pattern down at the moment, just the Colette ( no surprises there!) line and Sewaholic! Could I throw my hat in for the sewing goodies please? The colour of the fabric is gorgeous.

  11. Wow! Congratulations on your followers, which is well deserved by your creativity and talent. I would be happy with any of the three prizes, but if you have to choose, of course the third, you know that sewing is my obsession. My favorite pattern so far is any of Burda magazine every month the list of my wishes for more and bigger thanks to this publication.

  12. Congratulations, Suzy! My pick would be for lot three. I've been seeing a lot of mustard lately and am on the small side, so I might be able to make that dress with it. If not, I just got a Beignet pattern in the mail, and a mustard skirt would be fabulous. Or, possibly a cute blouse if the fabric isn't quite up for the structured skirt. I have several blouse patterns that want to see the light of day. I've only been sewing for a little over a year, so my selection of patterns is limited. My favorite right now has to be Vogue V8182 despite how much effort it took to get it finished!

  13. Congratulations. I do love your blog. My current favourite patterns are S5259 and OOP M3724. The straight skirt has become a TNT and I'm loving boot legged pants. Please toss my name into the hat for the Vogue pattern and fabric.

  14. awesome! i would love the knitting far as commercial patterns..i like berroco yarn patterns..:)

  15. Congratulations! I'm a sewist, so I'd choose the last prize. My current favorite commercial pattern would be something from Colette... maybe the Sencha.

  16. Congratulations on 200 followers. I am one of those.
    I really love to sew so I am interesting in your third giveaway with the pattern and the fabric. It is a fantastic giveaway (like the others too).
    My favourite pattern is Colette´s Peony because you can have so many variations of it.

  17. What a treat! Pass the mustard please!

  18. Congratulations Suzy! Cool giveaway. I'd like to chuck my hat in the ring for the wool or sewing if poss, as I've got 2 of the 3 magazines. ( they are a fabulous prize!) so my fave pattern is either Colette rooibos or beignet so far. Although new look 6000 is turning out to be a contender...

  19. excellent giveaway. I'd love the pattern and fabric, I haven't bou8ght a commercial pattern for years, but have several copies of Burda style that I've yet to make anything from. I do love the coffee date dress on Burda and have a made several variations of it.

  20. I'd love to enter for the first lot (mags). My favorite new pattern is Simplicity 2444, which has a fitted bodice and a lovely swishy skirt WITH POCKETS! Pockets rock. This pattern is super easy to put together and I omit the facings and just use bias tape binding to make it extra fancy. Thanks for the cool giveaway. Love yer blog!

  21. I'm one of your newer followers and I am really enjoying your blog. I am very interested in seeing your next muslin for Simplicity 2927. Don't throw in the towel on the kimono sleeves, yet! Once you get them fitted, you might really like them and the dress just wouldn't be the same without them.
    I've been obsessing on Simplicity 4700, which is a hat pattern from the 40s. I need to wear a hat at work and lately, this is the hat of choice.
    If I were to win the giveaway, I'd love V8615! I am in the USA, though. So, I really wouldn't expect you to send me the fabric.
    Thanks so much for doing a giveaway, how fun!

  22. Congrats on 200 followers! And thanks for hosting this great give-away! I would be interested in the magazines, since I don't knit and already have the pattern you are giving away. Incidentally it happens to be one of my favourite patterns. I have never made up the whole dress but have used the bodice part of it for numerous dresses, because it has a D-cup version included. Genius!

  23. hi, i like the lot for the knitter.
    My favourite project is the baby surprise jacket.
    great giveaway!!!!

  24. Damn it, I was so busy last week I wasn't able to check my blogs! But congrats on your more than deserve it, I love readying about all your sewing adventures.



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