Thursday, 8 December 2011

Knitting Progress and Scans

I have a confession to make. I haven't done any work on my winter wool dress muslin. However I have a good reason. I came down with some type of bug and been unable to do anything else other than lie in sofa all day watching mindless and carefree TV. The positive side of this is that I have managed to do a lot of knitting. The cardigan I'm working on has a simple stockinette stitch which is very good when you feel crap and can't concentrate. I had finished the back piece some days ago and in a unseen record for me I finished one sleeve in two days. Wow! Even I'm impressed with myself. As I'm writing this I'm starting to feel tired so will probably have another day in sofa knitting and watching TV.
Continuing our journey back with Vogue Knitting Book the number is 54 and the year is assumed 1959. Why assumed? Because from now on, these knitting books are not dated. I think they were released twice a year so looking at issue 55, which is 1959 too and issue 56 which is 1960 guessing this is for the early part of 1959. Things ought to start getting more exciting as we move on; don't forget, we are going back in time.


  1. I hope you feel better soon. I do love that red hounds tooth jumper!

  2. And I love the black op-arty one next to it!
    Get well soon Suzy!

  3. Get well soon Suzy. I've been off the last couple of days too and am grateful for my knitting! I am in love with the first orange cardi- it's so cuddly and kitten- esque!

  4. Thank you all!! I am getting better! Felt a bit more human today, compared to yesterday.

    If any of you want the instruction for any of the knitting scans just let me know/ drop me an email. More than happy to send a scan of the pattern over.

  5. I don't knit but I love the last striped sweater. Maybe I should attempt a little bit of knitting. I've been feeling pretty glum this week and have spent every night just vegetating on the couch. Glad you're feeling better!

  6. I hope you are better now!
    I find it hard to knit if I am feeling ill - I make stupid mistakes. This week I have had a lot of plain knitting to get through and tried to teach myself to knit "continental style" to stay awake, but ended up working all the stitches through the back of the loop and had to pick it back - silly!



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