Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Happy Merry Sew Alongs!

I said it before and I'll say it again. I love sew alongs and some of my favourite finished garments were made within sew alongs (expect one that I aim to complete next Spring). You might have noticed the addition of two badges on the right hand side of my blog. If you are reading me on a RSS feeder don't fret. You can see them below.
The first sew along is by the talented Sherry from Pattern Scissors Cloth and it's for a gorgeous bias cut slip with a lace bodice. I have the majority of supplies for this and can't wait to start it. It will be my first time working on the bias and also doing some sort of nightwear (my lounge trousers and underbust corset are not the same). I'm using a coral satiny fabric on unknown content my mum gave me (apparently some leftovers of cushion covers) and some of the black lace I purchased in Budapest.
I have to say I have been quite good restricting myself from buying new fabric. My fabric cabinet is full and my normal household outgoings have increased. Our car broke down and we had to buy a new one. If I could I would walk or cycle to work but it's more than 10 miles away and I drive a lot with work.

Anyway, back to the sew alongs! The next one, starting in January, is for the Sewaholic Minoru. This is the first pattern from talented Tasia that really appealled to me and I look forward to do this. I only read good things about Sewaholic patterns and sew alongs. I also have most of the supplies for this, including the fabric.
I'm still working on my Winter Wool dress muslin but it's not going so well. I'm having serious doubts over whether the kimono long sleeve bodice will work with the wool flannel. I'm aiming for clean lines in the bodice with a sleek and fitted figure. Can't kimono sleeves do that? I'm enlisting some expert help for this fitting but if it doesn't work I will either A) change the bodice to a normal set sleeved one or B) choose a totally different vintage pattern. I have a few other options that would be awesome.

So who's doing any of the sew alongs?


  1. I'm doing the Minoru sewalong, can't wait, although I have yet to start choosing fabric! I have never sewn any nightwear/lingere, although I am tempted by the slip sewalong you have shown here - so pretty! I may have to check it out.

  2. I'm hoping to do the Minoru sewalong now that I know about it! Fabulous jacket; I'm so glad you mentioned it. Thanks!

    Good luck with your Ruby slip. I agree, Sherry is so talented...always an inspiration to me, but then, so are you.

    I hope you sort out your Winter Wool dress...

  3. I'm doing the Minoru sewalong too Suzy and I'm seriously considering the slip too as I'm sure I've got a stash of silky bronze satin somewhere which would look lovely with peach or ivory lace. I was eyeing up the pattern yesterday and thinking ooh what luxury! For Minoru I'm hoping to find some grey corduroy and teal lining. I'll start the hunt soon. See you in the sewalong!

  4. I love sewing along but I'm so busy. I would love to try the minoru

  5. Ooh, I was planning on the Minoru sew along but the Ruby Slip is going to have to be done too - it's so pretty! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I'm reading along with the Ruby Slip Sew-Along. I'd love to participate (and just may break down before it's over), but things are so insanely busy around here. I'm definitely doing the Sewaholic Minoru Sew-Along though. That pattern is already ready to go, and January should be a much better time for me. Can't wait to sew along with you!

  7. well, I want to join the Minoru sewalong, I have ordered my pattern and I think I will make it in orange twill. A few months ago I saw this amazing Lacoste jacket but the price was ridiculous so this is my chance!
    The slip is very tempting and here in Perth there is a store called Fabulous Fabrics that has fabulous fabrics hahaha (laces, silks, many bridal fabrics) and I am sure I could find something there but it is just so scary to work with lace... I am sure I am going to ruin it.

  8. Suzy good luck with your winter dress! Must be frustrating. I've had rather a break from my bombshell, and with such a lot else in my sewing list I know it'll be pure foolishness to put my name to anything else. I shall watch along. !



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