Monday, 3 January 2011

Underbust Corset

After a big struggle with these:
Sewing many of these:
And a bigger struggle with these (being cut by my BF):
I have finished the underbust corset and managed a waist reduction of 2 inches:
Photo by my lovely BF. Editing by me. Kimono bought.
I am quite happy with this corset and wore it today underneath my corduroy winter dress for a walk by the lake. Photos were taken and I will share them with you in the next couple of days.
Regarding the construction of the corset the major fault is the bias binding at the top and bottom. In all honesty, it's a mess! I struggled big time to sew it on a straight line, on the edge so close to the bones. It doesn't look pretty at all but I'm so happy with the rest of the corset I can forgive myself.
Photo by my lovely BF. Editing by me. Kimono bought.
I loved sewing it and wearing it and have big thanks to say to Julia from Sew Curvy Corsetry for selling these wonderful corset kits, for the amazing tutorials on the website and the advice given. I'm sure my next corset will be even better!

Edit: I just realised my contrast/ brightness settings are not what they should be and you might be seeing the above images very dark with hardly any details in the blacks. It is not intended that way and I'm trying to figure out the problem. 


  1. Wow it looks fab, great choice of fabric too :-) I need to do more sewing this year for sure. It's jammed at the minute, must get Lord Cherry to have a look at it, I don't think it's serious x

  2. wooo! it looks FABULOUS!!!!! I shall have to do a tutorial on how to alter the waist of this pattern so you can get a bigger reduction next time. x

  3. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! hermosa!! beutiful!! I want do one for me!!.......I'll check the web site you said.
    I think sewing a corset must be very difficult, you did a great job!!

  4. Good work! Love the kimono + your hair.

  5. Thank you ladies! The kimono was bought some years ago and although I do not wear it often I could never get rid of it as I love it.

    Lizzy: with patience and some advice it is really not difficult at all to make a corset. Have a go!!!

    Lisa: thank you! I wanted to do some 40s style hair but not sure I managed.

  6. Wow thats great! Happy new year from Norway!

  7. This is so great! Are planning to do another one? I would love to follow the project if you do!

  8. MvK: I'm planning on doing another one this year but this time a full one (over the bust). I did try in the past but wasn't successful however after this one I feel more comfortable to do it. And I learned a few tricks to make sewing it a bit easier so more than happy to document the whole process here.



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