Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Crepe Sew Along progress and a game... with a prize!

The Crepe sew along is moving along nicely and I'm happy to be up to date with the help of Gertie's brilliant tutorials and posts. The schedule for this sew along has gone out of the window and I confess the thought of racing ahead passed through my head. But then I remembered the reasons why I joined this sew along and started other projects to keep me busy.

My pieces were all cut so first thing was to adjust facings to the changes I made in the fitting process. There were only slight differences and I didn't need to draft my own facings. Started by sewing the darts, and then moved on to shoulder seams.

Gertie has chosen to pink her seams but I was keen to try the overlocker foot in my sewing machine (after Toria alerted me there is one). I have never used or seen an overlocker so not sure of the differences but I quite liked the look and decided to finish my allowances that way. Doesn't it look pretty? Attaching the armhole facing to bodice was ok but the U curve made me sweat a bit. I went on to sweat even further with grading seam allowances. I get very, very nervous doing this as I think I'm going to cut something I shouldn't. Next step was understicthing (by hand) the facings and at first thought I panicked (hand sewing is not my strong) but after seeing Gertie's brilliant video tutorial I dare say it was easy peasy!

Side seams were then sewn, seams finished and this is what I have so far:

Now what's this talk about a game and a prize? In the midst of all this, I discovered a rather stupid mistake from my part which has left me pretty annoyed but not defeated. Find my mistake (in the photos or in the text) and leave a comment on this post by Sunday 30th January 6pm (GMT London time) and you can bag yourself a Simple Sewn Gifts book. I bought this book some time ago in an effort to use fabric scraps but haven't done anything. The little, gorgeous things in this book also call for a lot of hand sewing and cross stitch, which in not my thing.
All correct entries will enter and winner will be chosen at random.
You have to be a follower of this blog.
Open to the whole world.


  1. Oh yay! The foot works! I've not got around to trying mine yet and your finished seams look FAB! Can't wait to see your finished dress. I'm rubbish at picking out mistakes so I think instead I shall go eat chocolate ;)

  2. The only thing I can notice is that the back is a little higher than the front...but it looks perfect! I actually really like how the fabric is looking with this design--it will be fabulous!

  3. I have no idea what your mistake was but my oh my that is gorgeous fabric! I have seen so many versions of crepe in pretty florals so its a nice change to see something different. Although I do like florals :P

  4. Your dress is turning out great! I like the fabric.

    I just finished understitching my facings tonight.

    I finished my facings with my serger (my first time using it) and serging curves was pretty stressful, but they came out well.

    Your overlock stitch is on a regular machine? It looks a lot like mine and I wish I would have known about that option before I bought the serger. :) The serger makes me nervous because it's actually cutting the fabric, so one wrong move would be tragic.

    I'm going to post photos tomorrow, I hope.

  5. It looks like you might have to fudge the attaching your skirt part. Aren't you missing like an inch in the back there? Anyhow it will be a beautiful dress!

  6. Grrr - I just wrote a long comment to you and it disappeared!Anyway...
    I love your fabric choice, its making me see the crepe dress in a whole new light!
    And I'm really interested in your overlocking foot, which I only discovered the exsistance of about 2 mins before reading your post! Your edges look really well so I am keen to get one too. What make of sewing machine do you have?
    As for the mistake, I can't for the LIFE of me figure out what you have done wrong. The only thing I can see is that the back of the bodice seems to be about an inch shorter than the front...but I don't know if that's an actually mistake or it should be like that!



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