Saturday, 8 January 2011

Double Knit Dress - New Project

As if I don't have much sewing related activities going on I'm starting a new project this weekend. This time a double knit dress which I will hopefully finish in time to wear this winter. The pattern is Vogue 8413 and I'll be using a lovely turquoise double knit.

I first started thinking about double knits when I read Gertie's post on a quick dress she had put together at the time of the Lady Grey Sewalong. In fact she made another one shortly after. Afterwards I saw Mrs Exeter had also embarked on a double knit adventure with a gorgeous red number.

The dress idea came back after seeing some gorgeous double knit on sale at an online fabric shop. I decided there and then to do something and ordered about 3 metres. There were many colour options but I quite liked the turquoise and it's a colour I do not have in my wardrobe. After that I hunted for a pattern that asked for double knits and this was the only I found that had some long sleeve versions. I will probably do view D or E.  You can see an example of view D here. (I couldn't find a blog for this talented lady).

If you have sewn with double knits and have some advice or tips I'll be more than happy to hear about them.


  1. You´re in a frenzy laborious as a bee, please... send you some of that energy to me... I need....

  2. I have that dress on my list - it will be pretty in that color! Doubleknits are easy to sew - I usually sew the seams with a narrow zigzag (one that almost looks like a straight line.) The best part is that it needs no seam finishing - it doesn't unravel!

  3. I haven't sewn with double knits but it's on my list of things to try. Here's a link to a very good guest post by Florence on Misformake's blog She uses some double knits from M is for Make to make her daughter some clothes but she also includes a list of hints and tips on sewing with it that might be useful. Lovely pattern, can't wait to see it finished. x

  4. Love that pattern choice - its going to be beautiful. Thanks for linking to my red dress - I wore it a lot over Christmas. It's warm, super comfortable and doesn't crease - who could ask for more? Easy to sew too .... can't wait to see yours.

  5. Thank you!! My pattern is asking for a 22 inch zip at the back. With the stretch of the knit is it really necessary to have one?

  6. I've actually made this dress in doubleknit and it's fantastic! Just remember to cut the cowl on the bias (as the pattern indicates). It takes a lot of fabric but it makes the fit around the chest just fabulous. I've posted about this dress on my blog. If you're curious, just use the search feature...



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