Monday, 24 January 2011

Lounge Trousers

After spending Christmas holidays in my pink fleece pyjamas, I vowed to make myself some cool, trendy and warm lounge trousers to wear around the house. I set along choosing patterns and materials and, despite being a bit ill for the last couple of days, I finished them this weekend. However I am not sure I achieved the cool and trendy I wanted because a) they just look like pyjama bottoms and b) the leopard print might have been a sad choice. They remind me of the 80s or Meet the Flintstones.Nevertheless I am not going to dwell on it because I achieved the primary goal, which was to make some nice and warm lounge trousers. You just won't catch me popping over to Sainsburys on these!

I looked for a easy to sew pattern aimed at fleeces and decided on Kwik Sew 3837. When looking at the back of the envelope and at sizing I decided to cut a Children size XL. Sad, I know! Construction was very easy and very straightforward with no issues. With the pieces cut and marked it took me probably less than one hour to make them. It was my first time doing a elastic waistband but again, dead easy!

On the first photo you might spot that I'm reading a knitting book. That's right, I'm trying to work on my appalling knitting skills. I have some exciting train holidays coming up soon and knitting is just ideal for that.


  1. Uhm! No matter the leopard print ... it look comfortable and light, perfect for home reading or sitting at the sewing machine. Taste of home ....

  2. I am excited about your train holidays and I'm not even going!! I love your lounge trousers.

    I have passed an award on to you: x

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments about my bag Suzy! How are you getting on with your trousers for the sewalong? I have to admit I never started...think I got distracted by making the bag! Hopefully I'll get round to making them soon.



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