Monday, 10 January 2011

Trousers Sewalong: The first muslin

I have completed the first muslin from the Vogue 8604 Trousers I'm making for the Sewalong hosted by The Cupcake Goddess. I am really liking the shape of these trousers and have identified a few fitting issues and potential alterations to make. I am very new to fitting so I welcome any feedback, comments, opinions from you all!
Front view
Side View
Back View
Issues identified (trying not too sound too rude):

  • I have thin legs so the back is quite full and straight. According to my recent book purchase, Pants for Real People, I might need to take in the back inseam to add more shape to it.
  • The crotch length my be too big. It's about 2" longer than me (if that makes sense). However, it doesn't feel odd or uncomfortable and possibly when I take back inseams it might change.
  • The trousers are too long but that is something that I am used too as I am short.
  • The pattern asks for a regular zip but I am contemplating an invisible one, as it will look much nicer. Either that or I will put a shorter zip. I don't like how the bottom of the zip goes ...err...on my bottom and would probably get away with a smaller one.
What do you think? I'll be posting this photos to the flickr group to get further feedback and also appreciate your comments, fitting related or not!


  1. They look good to me! I made these this past summer in a navy blue linen. I would be careful shortening the crotch. I think its intentionally longer to make it more comfortable to sit. I think you will really like these when you are done. Its a nice pattern.

  2. I agree. They do look very good. I plan on making these myself and was thinking of using an invisible zip as well.

  3. These look brilliant! Honestly can't see any need for any alterations. They look so comfortable and the high waist is so flattering. Can't wait to see the end result!
    I, on the other hand, haven't even cut my muslin out yet!

  4. Hi Suzy, what fabric are you going to use? I can imagine something that drapes really well, rather lightweight? They fit very well, congratulations on your muslin!

  5. Hi Suzy! they look good, I see you love to enter to sewalongs! and you said you are "new" sewing, right? you do great! I would like to see it in the real fabric.

  6. I think they look fabulous, I can't see any of the fitting issues you mentioned. However, there does look to be a small amount of pulling from the rear at the pocket in your middle photos. Should that area behind the pocket be smooth?

    I've yet to cut my muslin out, that is this week's task still on my to do list!

  7. The muslin looks very impressive to me. I've never made any trousers, but I imagine if you're using a non-stretch fabric there is a fine line between fitting well and over-fitted (so you can't sit down!). I always find trousers seem to ease after about half an hours wear, mind you. Good luck = I look forward to following your progress. :)

  8. Thank you so much to all of your for your nice comments!

    MvK: I'll be using a 21 wales corduroy. Very soft and lightweight.

    Lizzy: I think sewalongs are great to learn how to sew as you get the encouragement and tips needed to improve your skills. But I tend to choose the ones I think I will benefit from learning something new or I really like the pattern. And I wish my knitting skills would develop as quick and easily as my sewing skills have.

    Toria: I've noticed the pulling only when looking at the photos and think it's just catching on tights underneath (I wore them for photo as the calico is quite see through but will definitely try them without to see if they still there.

  9. You have been busy! I haven't even started. But you have really inspired me and I am going to start tomorrow!
    Will check the flickr photos xx

  10. I think they're pretty close - I do agree that the leg could be slimmer based on your shape but the silhouette is fabulous! And what a great pattern.

  11. They look good to me. Corduroy stretches a great deal on wearing - a whole half size, so you would be wanting a snug fit now to allow for loosening off. Before you alter crotch length sit down, you need it to allow for spread. If the crotch is catching because it is too long and you can't walk properly that's a good indication it's too long. From your photos it seems good to me! About the invisible zipper - Corduroy can be quite bulky and if it's one thing invisible zippers don't like it's pulling through bulk. If you are using a fine wale cord you should be OK - but no heavier or your find yourself having to yank quite hard.

    BTW - I found your blog because i was looking for double knit dress patterns - so hope that goes well too!

  12. Lizzet: I look forward to see your trousers :)

    K.Line: Thank you! It is a great shape!

    Mary Nanna: Thanks for your detailed insight on corduroy. I think I'l just put a normal zip but will aim for a shorter one. Hope you have luck with your double knit pattern hunt.



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