Friday, 23 December 2011

Quick Fix!

Amidst all my complicated sewing projects (cutting wool flannel, sewing gussets, endless tweaking on my first self drafted pattern) and the slow paced ones (sew alongs that I intend to sew along and not rush ahead) I decided I need a quick fix. Something nice and easy that I can do in an eye blink.
And between you and me, how awesome will these look with these:
Have a lovely Christmas and in case I don't post before the year is over have a great time entering 2012!!

PS: In case you wondered, Thursdays Knitting is on holidays until January! 


  1. Happy Christmas!
    Love the shoes!

  2. OMG! I think they're going to look AWESOME!! I can't wait to see them finished. Nadolig Llawen, hope you have a fab day x

  3. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!
    Lush or what?!!

    I cannot wait.
    Have a lovely Christmas Suzy & a great new year...xx

  4. Oh my Goodness - I want those SHOES! What are they?! And leopard print Clovers? You will look awesome!

  5. Thank you all!! The clovers are almost done. Just need to hem them. Waiting for my shoes to take some photos :)

    Roobeedoo: Shoes are Iron Fist. Gorgeous aren't they? I couldn't resist them.

  6. I want that fabric and the shoes too!

  7. I haven't tried Collette yet, I must get around to it though! Happy New Year, dear! x

  8. Oh, I can't wait to see these pants and shoes together. I think a pair of skinny cigarette pants are in my future, but probably not until the summer. Too many other projects on the deck to add anything new right now. Happy New Year!



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