Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Green Linen Antoinette

I want to share with you the beautiful Antoinette Dress Esz made. Isn't it a beauty?
Esz was one of my pattern testers and I am forever grateful to her for helping me suss out sizing issues. I think she did a fantastic job and especially love the fact she used lace for the sleeves as well. You can read more about this make and see more photos here.

And if you don't follow Esz's blog I strongly suggest you race over to Kittys Drawings and subscribe. She makes gorgeous clothes and is gorgeous herself!


  1. wow, I saw this post on my google reader and actually first didn't even think the dress was made by you- i just though it was another blogger's version. Only when I opened it in a new window, I realised this is your blog!!! The dress is fab- I thought it was a pinafore first ))))) It looks very stylish! Well done- downloading the pattern

  2. Hi Juliette! You were right to start with. This gorgeous dress was made using my pattern by another blogger, a very talented one. It is gorgeous isn't it?

    1. I must have had too little coffee before I read this post))) Was too distracted by the dress and downloading the pattern. BTW I send you a message on your FB page.

  3. wow what a fabulous dress, i thought first its´a dress and a shirt underneath. really gorgous pattern! and i love the fabrics she used lime green and black lace. i have to checkout her blog now too;)
    thanks for sharing darling!
    love and kiss,mary

  4. This dress is gorgeous and seeing how good it looks on a bustier girl (like me) actually made me think again about this pattern. It's so chic!

  5. Honestly, this is sexy gorgeous. Gotta go check out her blog...

  6. Thanks Suzy for the feature :-) Can't wait to see what other patterns you will come up with :-D

  7. I agree, what a beautiful dress, & use of contrasting fabric is to die for

  8. great dress, love that pattern!



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