Monday, 16 April 2012

In Construction and Fabric Acquisitions

I am so excited and also relieved to have finally released my first sewing pattern. So what's next? Sewing for myself, of course. I am taking the wonderful The Couture Dress by Susan Khalje from Craftsy and loving how detailed and labourous it is. I'm using a raw silk underlined with silk organza and happy to say it's all from existing stash.
I also started working on the gorgeous pattern below a while ago and all I have to do is hem it. I initially planned on sewing the bolero as well but have since changed my mind. To be honest I don't think I would wear it enough to justify making it...but, I am planning on making the Starlet Suit Jacket from Gertie in black so I think it will be a good substitute (and get more wear).
I don't think I'm alone in being constantly attracted to sewing beautiful dresses but if I'm honest, I hardly wear these dresses. Because they're not suitable for work or more commonly, because it's never hot enough for me to wear them. So, I decided to sew a bunch of separates, specially blouses and shirts. I am starting with Violet from Colette Patterns and currently sewing a muslin to check fit (I know it will be huge on me and also have been warned it's quite boxy). Nevertheless I am making a version without changes to see fit. Using a not so loved floral I have in my stash.
Can you spot what I've done with my beloved Colette Violet pattern? More on that soon.
My stash has also expanded recently but I'm proud to say I have spent very little money and bought fabrics that I do not have on stash (lightweight cottons). It was last weekend, the fantastic Walthamstow fabric bonanza, which many have already written about and provided photographic evidence. It was such a fantastic day, I love meeting up with fellow sewists :)

From the fabric swap, a gorgeous red floral from Kat, a stretch denim from Marie, a lovely checkered green from Camilla and an ultra awesome green houndstooth from Karen.
This is what I purchased (with very, very little money). A very soft but slightly crisp (if that's possible) navy cotton type fabric, more soft cotton type fabric, in my favourite colours (including black which I almost never sew) and some very soft checkered cotton.
But what about Suzy Patterns?
Well, I have already started designing my next pattern but will take my time to make sure lots of improvements happen and the end result is fantastic. If you want to receive more regular small updates you can like my FB page, where I blurb more about it.

Have you bought (or somehow acquired/ earned/ received) any exciting fabric recently?


  1. Have done Susan's Craftsy course and loved it. Learned heaps - spent ages working on the fit of a vintage pattern and have just cut the fashion fabric. Great you've been able to use fabric stash. We have a lovely sewing fabric "op shop" in Sydney and I pick up cheap pieces from there from time to time.

  2. A very well-written post. I read and liked the post and have also bookmarked you. All the best for future endeavors
    IT Company India

  3. What lovely plans and new fabrics!!! I'm impressed that you've already started designing your next wonderful!

  4. Suzy Congrats!! You've released your first pattern which you know I think is divine, what an achievement. And now all the goodies in this post? Gorgeous things all for sewing. I too have bought the starlet suit and the couture dress classes. Need to get seriously organised. Enjoy slowing down :-)

  5. Nice post, you sew a lot, I like that vintage pattern, by the way, is not very difficult to work with silk organza?? I would like you post how is to sew with it.

    I love also that colette blouse!

    1. Hi Lizzy, no it's not difficult to work with silk organza. Even though it's a sheer fabric is very stable. And perfect for underlinings or stabilising/ reinforcing any area (necklines, buttonholes)

  6. Hey Suzy!

    The flowery and ditsy cotton on my blog for the 'Eclectic Eclair' was a prize from FabricGodmother! I won a meter of it, so going to try and eek out a sash for my dress!

    A rainbow of leggings and fancy flats... thats how I wear dresses daily :D

    Looking forward to seeing your sewing bits and bobs!

    Caffy x x

  7. I've bought Susan's course too - I plan to make the dress in the course when it arrives but also use some of the techniques from that, and Gertie's Starlet Suit Jacket course to make my 50's coat.
    can't wait to see what your dress looks like!



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