Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Just to let you know...

... the wonderful Tors from Girl Meet Wolf asked me to guest post on her blog whilst she's away working and my post on Autumn Fashion in 1954 is up. I had originally intended on a short tutorial on how to do a sleep mask but the process needs further tweaking and I couldn't pull it off in time.

...I will be tweaking the layout of my blog in the next week or so, so don't take much notice if you spot apparently incomplete things or strange additions. I will let you know what I changed when it's done and also why I changed. No major redesign will happen though.

... I am planning a post on knits fabric after reading Ruth's comment on my last post. She is asking for sources of knitted fabric and as I was contemplating using it (before on deciding I would attempt knitting) I have some ideas and possible sources.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Suzy! Really enjoy your guest post ! Maybe when you get some time you can write one for house of pinheiro too !



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