Thursday, 3 November 2011

Vintage Vogue Knitting in the 60s

Welcome to Thursdays Knitting! I am yet to complete a proper knitting project (I am the slowest knitter around) and to be honest knitting will not out do sewing for me. However I do love knitting and I'm very keen to have some time and space (in my head and online) dedicated to it. I chose Thursday because this is the day of the week I attend (when I manage) a wonderful pub knitting evening with other fantastic knitters.
So what can you expect on Thursdays Knitting? Everything and anything related with knitting. It might be a finished project (ha!), a featured knitter or knitted garment or some images of vintage knitting. Which is where I will start. At an antiques shop close to my work I found a stack of Vogue Knitting magazines from 1940s till 1960s. Needless to say I bought them all at a very good price. I have started scanning my favourite garments and adverts from these and will share them with you. If you are a knitter and want to know how to knit a particular garment you see, drop me an email and I'll happily send you a scan of the pattern instruction. I like leaving best things for last so I will be starting with most recent items.

Vogue Knitting Jubilee edition
Nothing to do with the monarchy though, it was the 60th number of the magazine. Dated 1962 shows the well known box shape from the 60s. Enjoy!
I love the suit but I also love the puppy!
Gorgeous dress in eyelet rib.


  1. I started to knit too but im not the fast knitter and I never maganed to finish a whole project ! Hope this will get me more inspired !

  2. Oh, those are adorable, and you are soo lucky!!!!! To get a bunch of vintage knitting magazines - I love vintage knitting styles, some of the recent Vogue Knitting magazines had a revival I believe... I am not sure though? Are you working on something particular?

  3. Marina: I know, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the pile of magazines in a almost hidden corner of the shop.
    I am the slowest knitter around (I much rather sew, to be honest) but 'm working on a cardigan out of the book A Stitch in Time.( It's not necessarily my favourite design from the book but it's quite simple for a beginner.

  4. Hey! I am really interested in this project on Thursday ... I love these pictures and I'm very, very jealous that you found these beautiful magazines near you ... Wow! I need to know more ..

  5. I knit very slowly and the most basic of patterns so I've been seeking out sweater knits to sew instead - that way I get an original garment that I can make but look like they're knitted. Any sources anyone?



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