Friday, 11 November 2011

Knitted Fabrics

When I was lusting for warmer clothing that I could sew I considered venturing into knit fabric sewing. And by knit fabric I don't mean jerseys. I mean the thick and warm thing good for jumpers and cardigans. Knitted fabrics! I decided instead to learn how to knit, as I was (still am) keen to replicate knitwear fashions from 40s and 50s. The stuff I found out there wouldn't allow me to do this.
A week or so ago, Ruth from Sewruth posted this comment in one of my posts:
"I knit very slowly and the most basic of patterns so I've been seeking out sweater knits to sew instead - that way I get an original garment that I can make but look like they're knitted. Any sources anyone?"

I sympathise with this and decided to share what sources for knit fabrics I encountered. You would think with winter on it's way, you could find this in abundance but no. Sweater knits are a rarity (or at least I can never find them).

MacCulloch and Wallis have a small selection of sweater knits fabric including this gorgeous Cable Knit. A bit pricy though at £30 per meter (exc.VAT)
They also have some stripy knits a bit more affordable at £17.50 per meter (exc. VAT)
Ditto Fabrics have this gorgeous eyelet lace knitted fabric at &8.99 per meter here. Isn't the colour gorgeous? They also have it in lime.
They also have this more chunky Tweed Knit.
Readers, have you ever worked with knitted fabrics? What's it like? And please, if you know other sources where to buy it please share. Ta!


  1. I bought a cabled sofa throw from Dunelm Mill on sale and made a cardigan coat, belt, hat and mittens from it. When I see sweater knit in good colours in other locations I ourchase them, but I loved being able to use the finished borders on the throw.

  2. Are you my hero or what?
    Thanks so much!!!!! I'm planning on starting a new project tomorrow with a fine sweater knit from My Fabrics, details on my blog soon. Honestly, Suzy, I really appreciate your research and effort.

  3. Holy cow, that cable knit at the top is beautiful. But not cheap!

  4. Wait, you mean I can by fabric that's been knitted?! So if I want a jumper I don't have to knit one myself but can sew it instead?! That is genius!!

  5. I have sewn with thick knits like this and I loved it! I can't knit very well so this is the best way for me to get my knitwear fix! Good luck Chick! x

  6. What a good idea Ruthie, buy a throw and use that and of course the edges are already finished- time saving too. Great.

  7. Oh they are amazing. Hope they might be on sale when I'm in London in January.

  8. How tempting!! The idea that all the hard work's been done for you so perfectly without havi g to learn!! And a real prospect of a knitted garment that doesn't take 6 months to complete! I have used my overlocker to alter existing knitwear that's too big and that was super quick and nice and securely finished. I guess it's the cutting out that's the most scary ....

  9. I have never used it and would be a bit scared - start cheap methinks. I am also learning to knit but have done nothing of note so far! x

  10. Ruth, you are more than welcome. When I wanted to get some knits to make some cards I really struggled so understand you completely.

    I think I would struggle to find cheap knits I like and cutting into a knitted fabric at £30 per meter is just scary.

    Gail: I'll keep my fingers crossed they're on sale for you. How long are you coming for?

  11. Just finished my second sweater knit - see it here-
    Lady Cherry and anyone else who wants to start cheap (as I did) go to My Fabrics, there's tonnes of thin sweater knits with matching ribs.
    On the other hand, go to EmmaOne socks and you'll find genuine Missoni at $45 yd. Beware! the customs man will smack 20% when your parcel arrives in UK.
    Suzy, I'll keep looking too. Keep up the good work



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