Thursday, 17 November 2011

More lovely scans

 I promise scans is not all I have to offer on Thursdays! I have a few ideas for posts lined up and you will see more of a variety soon. But for now we get scans! We are still in 1960 and I quite enjoyed seeing a photo of someone eating fruit. Just because the amount of photos of women smoking in these magazines is huge. Not a surprise, I know, since smoking was considered fashionable then but I don't think nowadays it is and I couldn't put a photo on my blog of someone smoking as an inspirational image.
The dress below is just stunning! Made entirely of wool lace. Can someone knit me one of these please?
The one below is also a favourite in mine. Knitted in Moss Stitch with a matching border to the dress. How cute! This is also something you can use as inspiration for a refashion. Pick up a old cardigan or jumper and add some trimming.
See you next week for more knitting gorgeousness!!


  1. If the item of clothing is still great,but they are holding cigs, you could put a clip art apple over it or something. That would be really funny!

  2. I love love love the yellow polka dot dress and jacket!

  3. Love the wool lace dress! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ive so enjoyed these scans- who'd have guessed the second two were from s knitting mag. Great styling. Are you watching Pan Am? Gorgeous styling !

  5. Scruffybadger: I did see the first episode of Pan Am and recording the rest of the series. Agree on styling, gorgeous!



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