Monday 9 July 2012

The guilty pleasure of a break

I think I haven’t touched the sewing machine in about a month. “Oh my gosh, what is wrong with her?!” I hear you say. To be honest I asked myself the same question to start with. I felt something was wrong with me, I felt guilty! Guilty because I wasn’t sewing and I love sewing so something must be wrong. But then I relaxed and though to myself: sewing is supposed to make me happy, it’s supposed to be done at my own pace according to my needs and whims. And if I need a break, why not! It’s a hobby after all! I know Suzy Patterns is in the making but it's not a  secret that I want to take my time with it (for now I can do that and with some  limits of course). So what has happened?

After my holiday back in May, my day job went overboard insanely busy. I really struggled to hold the fort between tight crucial deadlines and low staffing levels. Things are a bit better now but new targets and deadlines are pushing the envelope quite hard. I spend much of my time in the evenings doing nothing, just lying on the sofa, watching TV. To be honest I am close to being completely exhausted. I can’t wait for my holiday and dare to say I anticipate the time off more than I anticipate my wedding. 

Something else happened. I  started to crave spending time outside. It’s my first Spring with a garden of my own and suddenly I felt the urge to be out and about planting stuff. I tend to go overboard when I find out I enjoy something, so much time has been spent in the garden. Sewing allows me to escape and relax but gardening allows me to do something that doesn’t need to be precise, something I can do with my other half and most important something I can do in natural light.  I love my sewing room but it is a cave as it faces north and has a tiny window. Even on a sunny day I might need to put the light on. Spending time outside till 9 or 10pm has won.
I’m starting to really miss sewing, so I think I’ll brave the cave soon to continue work on my Couture Dress. And don’t worry, I won’t bore you with gardening stuff. I started a blog especially for that ;)


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