Sunday 19 August 2012

Wedding Photos...(photo heavy!)

Happy to be sharing why you all some of my wedding photos, it was such a lovely day! The dress was custom made by the lovely and talented Bea from Vintage Inspired by Beatrice Winter, shoes by Miss L Fire,  makeup and hair by the also talented Siobhan Drew working for Pretty Me Vintage. Last but not least, photography by Phil Bourne

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Sewing Mojo Rescue

My sewing mojo has taken quite a severe hit! It all started in May time, when I suddenly swapped the dark sewing room for the back garden. After that initial hit, came the anxiety ridden last minute preparations for my wedding. I had absolutely no motivation or time to sew. Now I'm finally married (photos to come, including details of a very special dress made by a very special seamstress) but my sewing mojo is still affected. It is quite annoying as I am itching to sew but just can't seem to get myself sewing. Hope is on the way though, thanks to the talented Tasia from Sewaholic and a yet unknown to me but I'm pretty sure talented Megan Nielsen.
I received the Alma Pattern on the post yesterday and it really fired me up to do it. The plan is to do a wearable muslin out of View A followed by a version of C (with collar). Fabric is chosen!
Megan Nielsen most recent pattern release, the Kelly skirt fired me too. It's adorable but what won it for me was the high waist. I placed an order from Australia so it might be a few weeks to get it. Very curious to see how these patterns sew up and fit.
What do you think of these patterns? Planning to sew any of them?

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A bit of housekeeping only. I never new what it meant but I know now! I have claimed my blog on Bloglovin.

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Saturday 4 August 2012

Photography Fun: Equipment

Before I can start talking about tips and hints and ways to improve your photography, I need to talk about equipment. Not meant as a ultimate guide or anything of the sort. Simply the tools I will be using throughout these series. The important thing to remind yourself is that you do not need a super expensive camera to take amazing photos. Creativity is very important as well. Saying that, there are some things you simply cannot do in a phone camera and understanding your limitations is important.

The Camera
I will try and cover 3 very broad camera groups. The compact camera, seen at the far right, the DSLR with it's multiple different lenses (2nd and 3rd from right) and lastly the ever so handy phone camera. Alls these will perform differently but all do the basic: they take photos. As a note I took the photo above with Rob's camera, which is also a DSLR.

The Light
Light is so, so important in photography and there are many sources that can be used and controlled to achieve what we want. You have the flashguns (above left) that can either mounted on a SLR or off camera (with a transmitter), you have your inbuilt camera flash which can be too harsh so little little controllers such as the ones above in the centre scan be used for. There are also reflectors that can be used to maximise existing ambient light. And let's not forget the sun :)

The Props
Props for me are the fun part of photography. They help you tell a story, but most important they will help you feel relaxed and get a great photo. Don't know what to do with your hands? Grab a book! Feel the background is too bare? Add something to add interest. We'll explore how anything can be used.

So what equipment do you have and use?


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