Sunday 31 July 2011

July Book Analysis - Textiles and Fashion

The next 4 book reviews will be dedicated to books on fabrics. Since very early in my sewing adventure, I felt a need to understand how fabric varies from each other, how is it woven, where does it come from, what does it look like. Basic things like the warp and the weft were a mystery to me. 
Textiles and Fashion by Jenny Udale was the first book I bought aimed at answering all those questions. 
 But it failed. Not because the book isn't good but simply because the book isn't about fabric and fabric caracteristics. The book is about textiles aimed at designers who want to produce their own fabrics. It leads an aspiring textile designer through the process of producing own fabrics, from researching and collecting samples, a basic explanation of fabric types and constructions, surface treatments and colour schemes. It's also aimed at the fashion designer who wants to design own fabrics to their collections.
 It has many interesting points such as the one below. Interesting placement on the fabric which complements and interacts with the design of the garment.
The book has some description and photos of fabric samples but the size and quality render them almost useless in getting a feel for what that fabric looks like.
If you are aspiring to print your own fabrics, not as a hobby but as a prospective career this book might be a good start for you. It doesn't have lots of detail but it covers all fundamental areas on textile design. For me, unfortunately it sits on the shelf and might one day be part of a giveaway.

Friday 29 July 2011

Holiday Photo

Photo post to show you what part of my holiday last week involved.
I bought this vintage inspired swimsuit at Luton airport. It was love at first sight.

This weekends in moving weekend so normal service will resume in a week or so.

Wednesday 13 July 2011

So what's new?

Not much! As per my last post no sewing has taken place. But that doesn't mean I have no updates for you.

Even though I haven't done any sewing, apart from mending some RTW work trousers, something quite significant happened. I signed up for Gertie's online Class Sew Retro: The perfect fit bombshell dress. I had been eagerly waiting this and signed up straight away. It will my first project after my move is complete.
I am an avid reader of Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing and a huge fan. I participated successfully in two of her sew alongs and have found her teaching methods brilliant. Once I start I'll keep you updated.

Now that my machine is packed away and my fabric out of view, the only crafty activity left to do is knitting. Not that I am complaining. I started this gorgeous cardigan from A Stitch in Time Vol.1 a few months ago but have not advanced at all. I seem to have a major tension issue and made countless swatches until I got it right. I'm also knitting with tiny needles which make my finger tips hurt after a few rows. I'm getting there though :).

Nothing more to update expect that my flat looks like a war zone with boxes and bubble wrap and tape anywhere and everywhere. I will have a week away from it all as I'll be relaxing in the sun all next week. F is staying and packing a bit more. I decided not to take my DSLR so can't promise good photos but will take my small compact and promise that if any decent, relevant photos are taken I will share them with you.
On that note I realise than many moons ago I mention I was thinking of doing a post series on photography and so far I have failed on that. Promise to work on that soon. And on a completely unrelated note, are you on Google+? What do you think of it?

Sunday 3 July 2011

Just to let you know...

Back in April me and my f put an offer on a house and it got accepted. We now have a move in date and it is in about one month time. One month might seem like a lot, but when you work full time and have a whole week holiday in the sun in between, it really isn't that much.
We started packing this weekend but have much more packing and disassembling to do (anyone fancy helping disassemble a large IKEA wardbrobe? The ones with heavy frosted glass doors?). My evenings from now on and the next weekend will be spend packing, cleaning and organising the move. After that I will be away in the sun for 8 days. F will stay, he doesn't like very hot weather and southern Portugal in July is usually 35 degrees Celsius up.
And then, after the move, we have to do everything all over again, backwards. Clean, unpack, assemble. It is all very exciting though and I can't wait!

Sewing wise, there won't be much done. I might try to squeeze the muslin for my McCalls 5661 blouse but cannot be sure. I will still blog, but posts might be further apart and with little sewing connection. I hope you stay with me these two months.

I have also realised that I completely missed my June book review, so will make sure one is ready for July. I have actually chosen and revisited a book and have a draft ready but I guess the excitment of the giveaways plus MMJ2011 Brighton meetup took over my mind.


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