Sunday 30 September 2012

My Stripy Alma blouse

Finished a few weeks ago, I waited and waited for hot weather to photograph my first version of Sewaholic's Alma blouse. But the weather didn't warm up so I just wore this for a few hours in the house to take some photos.
The aim was a wearable muslin and a wearable muslin was achieved! As usual with Tasia's patterns, the instructions were a breeze and the blouse a pleasure to put together. I used a piece of soft cotton fabric swapped at the Brighton Me-Made June meet-up. It came for Zoe's stash, so a very special piece indeed.
Mid way a sewing run, I realised I didn't have any suitable zip to go in. I tweeted my despair and Lizzy  mentioned that some people didn't use a zipper so I decided to baste and see how it went. What a delight, zipper-less it went.
The one thing I will change when I make the short sleeved version again is reduce the cap size. On my tiny shoulders it will look better a tad smaller.
I'm already making my second Alma, this time the long sleeved version in a gorgeous petroleum blue cotton type fabric with contrast cuffs and collar. Might be ready in a week or so and hopefully will still see some wear this year.

Have a lovely week ahead!

Monday 17 September 2012

Currently, on Suzy Patterns!

Not much, I'm afraid. Back in June I had a fantastic plan in place for Suzy Patterns. I knew what I was doing and I knew when. But then... I got married!
Fear not, Suzy Patterns has not been abandoned, my head is still full of ideas and my drafting pad full of (awfully drawn) sketches. But I'm out of capital and without that I can draft as many patterns as I want but they will not make it to you. Grading, digitising, printing, packaging all costs and at this stage I simply cannot afford it. You might notice I say printing and yes, whilst the Antoinette Dress Pattern is available as a PDF it was always my desire and plan to move quickly to printed patterns. I, for one, don't really like pdfs (even though I admit they have many qualities) so keen to make my patterns available in good old paper.
So, being more realistic than ever, it might be another year or so until a design from Suzy Patterns comes out. Disappointing, but on the positive side, it will give me a chance to improve my skills and come out with a better product.

I thought it might be interesting to have a small weekly feature in my blog to share with you all the process of working towards Suzy Patterns and towards improving my skills. Kind of like a diary, sharing with you the good bits and the bad bits, my skills and my lack of! What do you think?
PS: I have disabled the annoying Captcha on my posts!

Saturday 8 September 2012

Vintage Patterns Sale

Shameless plug relating to some vintage patterns I am selling on Ebay. Me and Rob plan to go to Japan for our honeymoon but boy, is it expensive! I had planned a clear out of patterns I know I'll never make  and those whose size is too different from mine and now is a perfect time to do it. There are also a few books and a super board (and some sewing unrelated stuff).

A lot of these patterns are in a sad condition and many have something silly missing, like a facing or a tie belt. I'm hoping they'll find someone who will cherish them.
Click here to see items!

Monday 3 September 2012

Red Renfrew

This Summer hasn't been the best sewing or pattern making wise. I started by feeling really guilty but then accepted that there is nothing wrong about wanting to do other things, rather than sewing. But I have finished one item, started absolutely ages ago and finished just before I got married. The very comfortable and stylish Renfrew top by Sewaholic.
Please ignore the somewhat blanket look. Today was not a easy day at work. I was feeling very tired and a bit low. Also ignore the bare look behind me. We have spent all Summer landscaping one corner of our back garden and it's slowly getting there. We have a rock garden and plan to plant some trees by the fence.
The making of this Renfrew wasn't the best. I managed to sew the pieces for the cowl wrong and only noticed when the thing was almost assembled. I contemplated leaving it as it was and use it at home only but couldn't bare to waste this gorgeous jersey. It's a length bought in Portugal of very good quality soft jersey. Feels very lush and comfortable!

Now that the days are getting shorter I know I'll be back to the sewing cave. I'll blog very soon about Autumn/Winter Sewing plans, the next instalment of Photography Fun and an update on Suzy Patterns.


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