Wednesday 27 February 2013

A belated giveaway

I planned on having a giveaway for Sew Grateful but my organisation skills were not up to scratch. When I realised it was too late. However, I do feel very grateful for all my sewing friends, those I have met in the flesh and those I haven't. I'm also also grateful for all my readers. Thank you!
I am offering Burda 7160 as a giveaway. I bought this pattern on an impulse. I wanted a nice knit pattern that I could make to wear on my next holiday. As I'm on a tight budget I plunged at this when Jaycotts has a 50% off Burda patterns sometime ago. I saw it was a Miss Petite so though great, even better. Duh! Readers, make sure you read all the details when you buy stuff. This lovely pattern starts at  size 12. Impossible for me, as I usually buy size 6 or 8!

So, it's up for grabs, in factory folds. All you need to do is leave me a comment about the most duh!! sewing related thing you bought until next Sunday 3rd March at 19.00 GMT time. 

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Are your makes pretty on the inside?

I had a fantastic weekend and managed to do a lot of things that make me happy. I even did a spot of sewing. But I was ridden with guilt because as I was working on the third instalment of my Tale of Skirts I realised I was still far from finished and I had an urge to work quicker and faster to be able to finally have a finished project to show to you. I haven't shown anything new in quite some time. But then I thought that it is a silly thing to do, I should work at my own pace. More than that is the fact that when I work quickly and rush things I make a less than perfect job and end up only half pleased with the result. So I finally decided on my Sewing Pledge for 2013 and that is to "Be as pretty inside as on the outside".
I want to do beautiful garments that I will love and wear. I want to make things that will last. I want to take time to make a good job and ensure it all fits fine. If I feel rushed I will compromise on seam finishes, buttonholes, fit and ultimately that's not what I want. By taking this pledge I'm reigning myself in and avoiding botchy jobs just to get something finished to show.
So what will you get from me from this pledge:

  • Detailed photos on the insides of my future makes, even when it's not as pretty as it should but the effort is there.
  • More in progress reports, which I know some of you find boring but they really help me track my own progress.
Now that feels just right! 

Do you ever feel rushed to finish a garment so you can show it on the blog? Does it affect how well you sew and finish the garment? Talk to me!


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