Monday 26 March 2012

Question Time: Cutting Layouts

Working on  my pattern instructions booklet
Today I want to hear from you: Do you use cutting layouts? Do you like them or find them useful? For what reasons?
I can say ahead of release that the Antoinette Dress Pattern will not have cutting layouts but it doesn't mean future patterns will not.

Curious to see what you think! I will dwell into it more on a follow up post with my opinion and yours.

Thursday 22 March 2012

A Leopard Minoru Jacket

Guess what? Another garment made out of a leopard print. This time Sewaholic Minoru Jacket.
I joined the sew along and worked for the first time ever with a Sewaholic Pattern. It all went pretty smoothly and I really, really like my new jacket. The fabric is a relatively cheap fleece I bought on ebay last year by mistake. That is right, by mistake. I was looking for stretch leopard print fabric for my Colette Clovers, misread the description and before I knew it I had hit the buy now button. When I received the confirmation email I realised it didn't have stretch but couldn't do anything about it.
I omitted the hood and the inside pocket because the fabric is too thick and a bit of a pain to press. I left it as simple as possible. The lining is a yellow poly something that my future MIL gave me. I have made a sort of pledge to use from stash only so this project achieved that.
I have lots of things to do for Suzy Patterns, including replying to emails. I also have a huge list of blogs to read but I'm quite restricted until Sunday. I have friends visiting from Portugal so I'm spending my evenings chatting, drinking, eating and being merry.

Saturday 17 March 2012

The Antoinette Dress - The Big Reveal

Click for bigger versions
Meet Antoinette I! The original design, the original idea. A lovely 3/4 sleeved fitted dress with a sexy pegged skirt and a lace bodice panel that extends high at the neckline. The version in the photos was the first sample and the very floral fabric a coincidence only. I wanted something a bit more colourful than calico. Being very honest I thought I had to do massive tweaks to pattern after first swatch but I didn't, hence this version is presented to you.

For something Antoinette II!
Click for bigger versions
Antoinette II is the same pattern as Antoinette I but what a difference! It uses the same patterns pieces but with a small alteration in the front bodice panel (which will be covered in the pattern instructions). I used a gorgeous blue gingham and some red piping and buttons. The neckline is also slightly lower in this version.

I sincerely hope you enjoy Suzy Patterns first pattern. I am starting to receive the wonderful feedback from my testers which will help me do any sizing tweaks that I need to and sure there are some. It seems the pattern grading company I used ignored my size chart and ease specifications. For example the bust has some ease but the waist measurements used are even smaller than the ones I provided. I'm now on the lookout for other pattern grading companies so if you know any that are reliable and good, please let me know.

Saying this, the pattern will still be available to you all for free, hopefully at the beginning of April. I will adjust size charts to help you cut the best size for you (planning a whole blog post on sizing).
I have already received some sneak peak photos of the versions testers are doing and oh, my, I am so excited!

I have also started a Facebook Page, where I'll keep you up to date with what is happening at Suzy Patterns. Click here or on the link at the top bar to like it!

Have a lovely weekend!

Sunday 11 March 2012

Suzy Patterns: The Antoinette II (another sneak preview)

Hello everyone! Things are still quite busy here at Suzy Patterns base, but as promised on my previous post here is a sneak preview of the Antoinette II. Same pattern but a much different look with just a slight pattern alteration and a different fabric.
This version of Antoinette should really be called the Tilly dress. Firstly, the gorgeous bow belt you can see is not part of the pattern nor a creation of my own. It is the most famous bow belt by Tilly and the Buttons. It is such an adorable and quick accessory to do. Head over here to learn how to make your own.
Secondly, the pretty gingham was part of my loot from the fabric swap at the Brighton Me-Made June 2011 meet up and it came from Tilly's stash.

Tilly, I hope you like what I made with it!

Saturday 3 March 2012

Suzy Patterns: The Antoinette I (a sneak preview)

There is a lot of work going on regarding Suzy Patterns. I have a lovely group of talented seamstresses/ sewists/ sewers (did you read the latest discussion on what we should be called?) making up my first pattern as we speak. This is terribly exciting and also slightly nerve wrecking. Whilst I gather feedback on the pattern and its sizing I am busy sorting out Suzy Patterns webpage, the front and back pattern envelope and the instructions. At the same time, I am also researching other potential pattern graders and also commercial large format printers for future releases. I'm getting there, but when you don't know where to even start looking it's hard going (you know when you move house/ city, know no one and have to get a plumber? You can google one but you don't know what you'll be getting).
Because the official release date is a month away I wanted to give you a little sneak preview of the pattern. In this case Antoinette I, the first sample:
Antoinette I was my first sample. When the time came to sew this, I had two meters of unbleached calico on my table, ready to cut and sew but I felt quite uninspired by it. I trawled trough my fabric stash to find    just the right amount of a very floral curtain fabric I bought for cheap at a local charity shop. I knew I wouldn't use it for anything else so decided to sew Antoinette with it. And I do love the result, even though it's quite floral (all I need now is an invitation for a tradition countryside English wedding and a hat :).
This pattern was heavily influenced by my love for period fashions like the one below, from the book "59 Authentic Turn-of-the-Century Fashion Patterns" by Kristina Harris.
High necklines and lace might have their place but sometimes you might want something more day to day wearable. So, I decided to sew a 2nd sample with slight pattern alterations including lowering of the neckline plus no lace. But for Antoinette II, you'll have to wait a bit more!
Via Pinterest
But now tell me? Do you love period fashions as much as I do? And what do you think about high necklines?

Thursday 1 March 2012

Early 1955 Knitting Beauty

Some more knitting beauties from the past....enjoy!
I love sharing these gorgeous scans with you every week but will probably phase the Thursdays Knitting thing out. I know it's not long since I started it and I did have other plans for it, including interviews, other featured knitting bloggers, etc. However with Suzy Patterns and all my regular sewing it's very difficult to keep the Thursdays post as good and interesting as I would wish. I will still share these beauties with you and I will still talk about knitting. But not every Thursday! Hope you don't mind.

I'll be back at the weekend to share some sneak previews of what I am working on at the moment and to give you an update on Suzy Patterns. Thank you for being here with me!


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