Thursday 25 August 2016

Back to Sewing Time

So it seems my sewing/blogging break has taken more than 3 years! Wow! Let me tell you, I needed it!

Back in 2013 I was feeling quite depressed with low self esteem and very near to work burnout. It is probably noticeable in my last posts and photos. I simply didn't want to do anything that would put attention on me so obviously that included sewing for myself and taking photos of myself. It was a rough time so I turned my attention to getting better, getting rid of my work (which was a main contributor to how I was feeling) and doing things that have nothing to do with how I or anyone else looks. In my case I became very involved with animal rescues, namely small rescues who work with guinea pigs and other small pets, who are very under appreciated and suffer terrible neglect and abuse, as they are seen as simple children pets, cheap and disposable. I won't bore you with that although you can find out more about it on my piggy blog and shop The Piggy Lounge.

This year I started to feel good about myself again and decided to start working out in the gym, something I used to do 10 years ago and loved. With that came a renewed self love and appreciation for myself and I suddenly realised I missed sewing for me and I missed my self portraits. Sewing and Photography were always important for me. So I decided to start again. I will take it very slow and approach this as if I am a absolute beginner (which I sort of am because 3 yrs only sewing guinea pig beds is not really dressmaking experience).

First on my sewing list a very easy and simple skirt. I have made this skirt before and love it so feel brave to tackle it again. I will use a pretty bird fabric I have lying around. It might take me a few months (as usual I have 10 million other hobbies and commitments) but slow does it at the moment. No stress, no rush, no panic!

Happy to be back, will be catching up with all lovely blogs out there too. If you are reading this post and used to follow me years ago say hi! 


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