Wednesday 27 February 2013

A belated giveaway

I planned on having a giveaway for Sew Grateful but my organisation skills were not up to scratch. When I realised it was too late. However, I do feel very grateful for all my sewing friends, those I have met in the flesh and those I haven't. I'm also also grateful for all my readers. Thank you!
I am offering Burda 7160 as a giveaway. I bought this pattern on an impulse. I wanted a nice knit pattern that I could make to wear on my next holiday. As I'm on a tight budget I plunged at this when Jaycotts has a 50% off Burda patterns sometime ago. I saw it was a Miss Petite so though great, even better. Duh! Readers, make sure you read all the details when you buy stuff. This lovely pattern starts at  size 12. Impossible for me, as I usually buy size 6 or 8!

So, it's up for grabs, in factory folds. All you need to do is leave me a comment about the most duh!! sewing related thing you bought until next Sunday 3rd March at 19.00 GMT time. 


  1. I once bought a big stash of fabric online, mostly cotton prints. I was stupid enough not to look at the description so I bought royal blue fabric with (I thought) had little dots on all kinds of colours on it. It turned out to dots about 1inch in diameter - and looks so horrible it can only be used if I ever want to sew a clown costume. For whatever reason I forgot to send it back. duh!

  2. This is a pretty pattern :) I like version A very much. Thanks for offering the giveaway :)

  3. Huh, my 'duh' moment was paying waaaay too much online for silky de chine fabric??? Yep, polyester 'silky like' fabric! Very ripped off and very unhappy :-) Would love your pattern, as a size 14-16 it would fit in my wardrobed nicely. Thanks for the chance :-)

  4. Just back to sewing after a 10 year gap, and I was never that skilled so why did I recently buy a vintage dress pattern 4 sizes too small when I have no grading skills what so ever and several other projects on the go? duh! I know it's just gonna sit in my stash forever or until I re-home it! but very pretty dress though ;o)

  5. No duh! moments to speak of here (Yet!) but having fun reading everyones stories.

  6. I have horrible organizing skills as well so I understand how you are feeling. It is so important to read the whole label because people will misplace patterns and mistakes like this happen.



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