Tuesday 29 January 2013

Drawing and Knitting

Thank you so so much everyone for your supportive and lovely comments on my last post. They all made me think and feel a bit better. I have to say I shouldn't be shy to change as I made a radical big change almost 9 years ago. And that was to leave my home town with a suitcase and a one way plane ticket to London. In retrospective it was brave but I did well. And I'm very happy I did that, I would have never met and married Rob if I hadn't :D

Anyway, enough mushy-ness, onto this week very short and picture-less post! No progress has been made on the sewing front. I'm faced with a deadline on my courses' Illustration unit and running quite behind so drawing most of the time. When I haven't been drawing, I've been watching TV/ movies and when I do that I knit. So hurrah! I finished the front on my cardigan and started one of the sleeves.

Finally, if you live in UK and are a knitter and happen to have some remnants of DK or 4 ply wool you wouldn't mind parting with, I am collecting some to donate to my local animal charity Hula, where I also volunteer. They have an army of crafty ladies who knit blankets for the animals and are in need of wool. If you'd like to contribute email me at suzysewingblog[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk

PS: No post next week as it will fall just on my course deadline. I will be back the Tuesday after! Ta muchly!


  1. Good luck with the deadline - catch you again when you are back 'in-the-sewing-world'...J

  2. Good luck with your course and I hope everything gets submitted and passed!

    I am not going down the pattern drafting route, but I am taking a little 'how to draw' course as I am appalling!!

    Good luck Suzy

    Bundana x



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