Thursday 26 January 2017

Lycra really!

Hello everyone, I'm still here!

So, what has been my sewing progress on my re-entry skirt? Little, to be honest. I've cut the pattern and constructed the waistband but that is it. It's been quite a few months so I could have easily finished it but I have just the other day realised why I haven't. The truth is....this fabric just doesn't excite me and I do remember well from my big sewing days that if I don't love the fabric and pattern I just half do it or procrastinate. I bought this fabric ages ago because I love bird themed fabric but teh colours are wrong for me.

In these years I've been away from sewing I discovered new passions and interests and re-discovered others. One of them is fitness. I used to go to gym 4 or 5 times a week and loved it. A few years after moving to London the gigantic commute meant I stopped going and once you stop exercising going back to it is hard. But I've done it and LOVE it.

So I decided to sew some fitness clothes which is probably a very silly decision as "Hello sewing with lycra!!!?? First thing after a sewing break? When I never sewn with lycra before?" But these details never stopped me doing what I wanted and like so here we go. I've purchased the fabric and the patterns. Sewaholic Patterns never failed me so they won't fail me now.

Have you done these patterns? Or sewn with lycra before? Tips welcome.


  1. I haven't tried the Sewaholic patterns- they are too small for me. I use the Jalie patterns-they are multisized and fit more like ready to wear..I cycle and swim, so my tips for sewing with lycra are as follows: use a stretch or ball point needle in your machine, good quality poly thread, you can go as basic as a zig zag or as fancy as a full on serger with stretchy wooly nylon thread in the loopers. I have done both with great success. Most lycra clothing has negative ease, meaning it will be smaller than your measurements when finished, so that it fits like a glove. You will need sharp scissors or a sharp rotary cutter. Good luck!

  2. I don't sew much (any?) exercise gear but I sew swimmers and same same but different. It's quick and adding to the tips above, be prepared for the first lot to be technique building. Getting that elastic right is a skill, but one that is mastered quickly. Jalie has some great tutorials on this on their you tube. I first made togs (swimmers) for my son when young - he didn't notice the not quite great sewing, but it was good to practice and not waste plus kids stuff is small. Good luck.

  3. I haven't done any sports wear and will look forward to seeing the finished items.x

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